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Auto insurance protects against losses incurred as a result of vehicle collisions and liability incurred in a collision. It can also protect from theft and damages caused in natural disasters.

In Canada you must have Automobile insurance as a requirement to drive a car. Some countries are experimenting with a tax added onto gasoline as a form of insurance, and drivers would only pay insurance amounts directly related to how many miles they drive based on how much gas they purchase over time. Some places have a public auto insurance system and others have private.

The most common form of Auto Insurance is the Third Party carrier. Most insurance carriers have more than one type of insurance; therefore you should inquire if you can combine your Home, Health, Life, and Auto insurance policies to one carrier for discounts on premiums.

When we rush out the door, jump in our cars, and head out onto the roads we don't normally think to ourselves that we will not arrive at our place of destination. However, we probably have passed a fair share of accidents along the way in our lifetime thinking we are glad it wasn't us. What if it were you? That's the risk we take when driving a motorized vehicle, and insurance is away to protect against financial damages incurred by accidents or collisions.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how insurance works, take a minute to complete an application.

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