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Does insurance confuse you? Do you dread having to review your insurance policy each year? How do you pick the right insurance company? What should you insure? What does it mean to have insurance in the first place? Well look no further, for we have all the answers and tips you need to know when buying insurance. Let our experts educate you on the different types of insurance as well as common insurance terms and definitions you need to know.

First, let's start off by explaining what insurance is. Insurance is a way to protect against risks of loss or damage. Usually something worth insuring is something of value to you. Should it become damaged, lost, or stolen you would suffer in trying to replace it on your own. Insurance can protect you from suffering. When you choose to have insurance, you transfer the risk of loss or damage from you to the insurance company by paying a fee, which is usually referred to as the insurance premium.

Picture an item you value and cherish and wouldn't be able to afford replacing it on your own right now. We'll call it item X. If item X was damaged by a natural disaster, and you had insurance on item X, then the insurance company would pay for the replacement of item X according to some basic guidelines as set out in your insurance policy, therefore leaving you free from financial burden.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how insurance works, take a minute to complete an application.

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